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We have published this information to provide British trade companies a free business directory to advertise their company details and goods to the UK and global markets. Our aim to provide a free comprehensive wholesale database for wholesale suppliers, retailers, traders and ecommerce websites to source a great range of wholesale products without the fees!

  • We do not charge you monthly, yearly, or lifetime fees to list your wholesale company details in our database.
  • We only accept wholesale, trade or the correct category related website.
  • Many wholesalers, open trade accounts from £100, which are ideal for smaller online traders selling online on platforms such as eBay.
  • Please note only one (1) free website submission allowed, Premium positions are available for additional listings.
  • Any website that doesn't comply with our quality terms and conditions or submission guidelines will be refused.
  • Retail sites, you can submit your details into the required trade category you require only if you have a trade application section for resellers of your products only.
  • All sites are checked at time of submission, and must be in English and be of a reputable status. Eg. a UK postal contact address, phone number or be Vat registered, etc
  • We reserve the right to edit your listing or choose another category.
  • We can remove your website from this directory within 48hrs if you so wish.
  • Please report any websites with broken links, or suspicious activity that should be removed.
  • Any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.
  • Our lifetime offer : No need to register, you are granted full and free access to research our database of the leading UK wholesale companies.
  • Your listings are not guaranteed, and our decision is final.




    • All trade marks acknowledged. Information received from our account members, companies and the public domain. Wholesale-outlet has produced this directory for information only and we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any of the information contained herein. We reserve the right to remove account holders or third party links without reason, notice or warning if not appropriate. If you wish your details to be removed from this directory, please contact us. Thank you. 4c :o)